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June 21, 2008


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What plant or plants use the most CO2 and produce the most Oxygen?
Are there any good websites or books that discuss plants that use the most CO2? And is there a significant difference from plant to plant? I'm looking for planting options for my property.


Interesting correlation between religion and environmentalism. It is quite a religious topic as religion is described by William James in "The Varieties of Religious Experiences" and how the love and respect for the earth was a part of native American religion.
I'm also seeking to know what plants use but research at Colorado State University professor Meg Lowman in conjunction with Colorado State University, demonstrates that a 1 acre grove of Brazillian Pepper trees devours about 1000 lbs of carbon a year while slash pines would devour about 60 lbs. and Sawgrass (in the everglades) would use about 40 lbs annually.


The idea of a synthetic tree that can collect excess CO2 in the atmosphere is a break-through concept, especially in the world today where more than 6200 million tons of CO2 is being emitted each year across the globe. But, my question is, where would this excess CO2 go? Would it be pumped underground or poured into the oceans? Doing either would likely cause more problems..

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I asume that, with winter in tropical areas, rain makes plants and forests to get greener (Green Season, as Costa Rica calls their winter time), I think it could be a reason why in some times 0f the year the excess of CO2 in the air decreases!!

Iam not an expert but it could be a hint!!

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