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January 05, 2008


Tima and Dayna

I totally agree! ps - Dayna is on my sofa and we're wondering where the hell you are! Happy 2008. Get on FAcebook. xoxooxox

buffy tapps

I went to the McMichael a year or two ago to see NM's exhibition. I had been in severe pain for several months. I went to "bask in the colours." I was like a sponge.
I felt better for a week. I still had pain, but it was somehow better. There was love in the spaces. Thanks to Mr. Morrisseau. I always thought that his signature on the paintings looked like the english word "ABANDON."

The Editors

"Abandon". Perfect. I love it. There is love in those spaces buffy. Well said and I'm glad it made you feel better.



Huh... Looks like you got some iffy paintings in your post! Check out the court stuff going on - apprantly the artist identified a bunch of counterfeits and the people selling them! I found it here:

Ugo Matulic

Hi Reid,

Please check tomorrow's posting of Norval Morrisseau Blog at .

Thank you very much for kind words for the Great Canadian artist.


Ugo Matulic a.k.a. Spirit Walker

The top image in this post is a feke - and the bottom right image is also a fake. The rest are authentic. Ugo Matulic is a spokesperson for a forgery ring. He personally owns hundreds of fake Norval Morrisseau paintings. Educate Yourself - at - The Authentic Norval Morrisseau Blog.


Well.. the images are fine which gives the femininity of Canadian..

video surveillance

I support artists!!
Mostly because creativity is one of the many gifts and Talents I don't master ort quiete understand!!

It represents one of my important lacks I don't know how to deal with it.. because I love art.. What it makes me feel.. what it expresses!!

Fire Detection

I like the pictures and very interesting point of view i like the way you guys bring up the truth like that is very important to know this blog always bring information like that to all of us thanks.


Here's an update about one of your commenters, Mr. Ugo Matulic:


I was looking for this information, thanks for put in this easy way, I mean in a easy way to understand it jajaja, well until the next time.

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