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June 15, 2008


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It's increased My knowledge to read That Haiti is now the third-largest importer of US-produced rice, behind only Mexico and Japan, and less than 30 percent of the rice consumed in the country is homegrown.


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Hello the crisis in Haiti is amazing cause the earthquake destroy everything so the crisis is tremendous we need to help then to pass this terrible time , i imagine that the lack of food is total in there.

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Every tragedy makes heroes of common people.

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I wonder what really have happened – did Monsanto ship the seeds? any news?

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Haitians are no strangers to hunger. But even the resilience of the hemisphere's poorest citizens can be pushed too far, and with world food prices spiking this year due to shrinking harvests, burgeoning demand and skyrocketing fuel prices, it should be little surprise that Haiti is once again erupting in angry violence.


President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama have given $15,000 to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, which was set up to help Haiti after last week's earthquake. Obama had asked his two immediate predecessors -- former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton -- to set up the fund for relief and recovery efforts in Haiti.

-- Trained dogs have indicated at least one person may be alive under the rubble of an auto parts store in Port-au-Prince. A Los Angeles, California-based search and rescue team is checking the rubble for survivors.

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i like this regime of goverment and i think they can do it very well in the country

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The rice issue is just an example of how liberal policies not always work!!, specially with little, fragile and dependet economies.

Economical and development programs cannot be exported!!
They most be "made-to-measure" taking in count market and productive possibilities, to avoid affecting society in a bad way.. as Haitian farmers!!


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Its necesary that the gverments of differents countrys look at this matter really seriously and help this people imagine that hungre to said is like having bleach on their mouths that is just horrible to think even that they could be suffering like thatand there is still hope for them.

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i wonder how this people manage to survive.. its quite difficult to live with the rising crisis.. thanks to god who find out ways to keep this people alive.. god loves everyone..

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