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June 15, 2007


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i like this part of the blog:"And lest anyone think that all of this is of an 'out-of-the-blue-never-been-done-before-pie-in-the-sky' kind of thing might be surprised to discover (as I was) that was, and is already the case in Turkey, which used to be the biggest supplier of opium/heroin but now is not. The Senlis Council provides a political history." is very good

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This numbers are very interesting,Opium seems to be more than a simple drug.. there, it is a way or surviving, it is lucrative, a lot of money that gives people chance to survive!!
The problem is that opium profits don't get to those people in need!! and HIV/AIDS does!!

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It is very interesting topic you've written here and I think is a good opportunity to learn more about it… And as well talk about a different topic to which I used to talk with others..

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I can't believe that opium still exist in the middle east! simply awesome.

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